Hijab Struggles

Growing up I was taught the value of the hijab, how it was more than a form of dressing but a way of life, it meant being a true hijabi.

Like so many female Muslims, I too struggled with wearing the hijab not because I didn’t want to cover up but I had inner struggles of being a true hijabi, and staying true to what covering up meant,  I grew up in a society that held Hijabis by the highest moral standards, liked to expose misdeeds committed by them forgetting that people often ignore some parts of Allah’s commands while obeying others as part of their development in the religion. This is not to say that it is alright to pick and choose His commands.

I was like the average teenager who thought the world revolved around her, I loved to wear makeup, tight fitted cloths, look cool and fit in.

It was either I become a very pious hijabi or not use the hijab properly (I still covered my hair, wore long cloths) and work on my inner struggles attain “perfection” and start to use the hijab.

After years of struggling I couldn’t seem to attain that perfection I wanted,  I struggled with the choice of being the “perfect” hijabi or not at all, until  I had the ha-ha moment, Alhamdulillah not everyone get to have a moment of awakening that helps redefine their lives, and from that moment I knew I couldn’t continue to just cover my hair without covering properly, my strive for perfection was a myth, it was time to stop procrastinating.

Its been years now, Alhamdulillah and I still have a long way to go, Am I where I want to be?  Absolutely not. Am I even comfortable? Not at all. I still have my struggles but should a Muslim get comfortable with their good deeds, I think not!!!

The most important thing is to keep striving, we NEVER stop striving, to become a better Muslimah.

“And those who strive for Us – We will surely guide them to Our ways. And indeed, Allah is with the doers of good.” Quran 29:69

It’s important we start somewhere, no PROCRASTINATING, start somewhere, pick up the veil, wear loose-fitting cloths and don’t bother about negative peer pressure, at the end of the day, You are responsible for YOU, your grave is for you and you alone, no friends or family.

Most importantly make dua, and pray to Allah to make it easy. Its Allah’s rahma and not our effort.

Hijab – Muslim female covering

Alhamdullilah – Praise be to Allah

Muslimah- Female muslim

Hijabi- Someone who uses the hijab

Dua- Prayers


6 thoughts on “Hijab Struggles

  1. Alhamdulilah I’m nt wia I’m supposed to b but I’m greatful I’m struggling to become one.. I jst pray I’m strong enough to b wia I’m supposed to b. Jazakallahu khairan


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