Natural Hair Journey.

Salam Alaykum ukthys

Going back natural is the best hair care decision I have ever made, staying off the creamy crack was a healthy hair decision I am happy I made.

I sincerely thought I was going bald, after trying different hair care products, my front and middle hair just refused to grow back, then my hair line started receding, like losing my middle and front hair wasn’t enough, whew!!!

I have heard/read arguments about relaxer being haram or allowed, and always held the view it’s not haram. I attended a sisters program and the speaker said, what if you are bald? What will you do? She was right, we were arguing because Allah has given us hair, if we were bald, will we argue about using wigs.

It was like that was what I needed to convince myself to turn natural. It wasn’t easy, I stopped relaxing for some months in the year 2010, and hair was looking great then I decided to use the creamy crack again (It’s an addiction) and that lead me straight back to square one. All the progress made gone.

I decided I was going to grow my natural hair again in the year 2012 and this time was determined not to relax it, I started doing research on natural hair care, fast forward 3 years, hair is growing long and I have turned my knowledge about caring for natural hair into a business. I started the Sissie Natural range of products and Alhamdullilah, business is great.

Thinking of turning natural? No worries, will post tips, tricks and DIY to care for your hair Insha Allah.

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