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Sometimes the problem is you

Psychologists say we tend to exaggerate how good we are, how nice or how beautiful we are. Exaggerating your good behavior sometimes affects how you scrutinize and truly see yourself.

Sometimes you are the toxic person in your relationship.
Sometimes you are the mean one,the negative one.
Sometimes the problem is you.
Sometimes we blame others for our own shame, run away and avoid taking responsibility.
Sometimes we play the victim, even though we are the offender.
Sometimes we try to justify our actions.
Sometimes you are the cause of your own problems
And that makes you human.

We all fall short one way or the other,
Check yourself, keep on checking yourself, own and learn from your mistakes.

When i was in college, i knew i wasn’t very emotional but i did not know how cold i could sometimes be. I was sometimes mean to friends and siblings without realizing it. Recently i read an argument i had with my friend years ago via Facebook messenger and it made me cringe. She was trying to be nice and i was mean.I understood better why we were no longer friends and saw how i also contributed to us falling out.I had to send a message apologizing to her and we laughed about it.

Alhamdulillah for growth.
Do better
Be better
Continue to strive



To err is human to forgive is divine!

As far as you are human you are bound to err, isn’t that why Allah is the Ghaffur, Roheem (the most forgiving, the most merciful)

What sin have you committed that eats you raw!

What guilt eats deep!

You kill yourself of guilt, languish in depression and live life in despondency of Allah’s mercy.

How easy it is to continue to wallow in self blame and self pity

It takes a lot of courage to forgive yourself and move on. Pick up the courage today!

You did the best you could at the time. Acknowledge your mistakes to your self and forgive thyself.

Give yourself the permission to be free of guilt.

Give yourself the freedom to start again.

When you forgive yourself and love yourself sincerely, you can begin to really heal deep down and move on.

Mumtaz 😊

Natural remedies for hair growth.

Apple Cider Vinegar:
The vinegar gently cleanses the scalp and maintains the PH balance of the hair accelerating hair growth.
How To Use:
Wash your hair
Use apple cider vinegar as a final rinse after washing your hair to get healthy and shiny hair.
For 1 liter of solution – mix 75ml of apple cider vinegar to one liter of water
You may store this entirely or make it smaller batches.
For smaller quantities, take 15 ml of apple cider vinegar and add it to a cup of warm filtered water
After washing your hair, using this cup of water as the final rinse.

Egg Mask: This home remedy is found to be a part of the many cultures all over the world with different variations.
It contains high levels of proteins which help in the formation of new hair. It is also rich in sulphur, zinc, iron, selenium, phosphorous and iodine.
How To Use:
Take the white of one egg
Add 1 teaspoon of olive oil and honey to it
Mix it all well to form a smooth paste
Apply it all over your hair carefully and leave it for 20 minutes
Rinse with cool water and shampoo it off.
Not just for hair, you can use egg masks to get glowing skin too

This is another widely used home remedy for treating hair fall.
Fenugreek accelerates hair growth and protects the natural colour of your hair.
How To Use:
Take 1 teaspoon of the fenugreek paste
Add 2 teaspoons of coconut milk to it
Apply it all over your hair and scalp
Leave it on for 30 minutes
Wash off with a mild shampoo

Potato Juice:
This is a secret home remedy. Most people are not familiar with the hair growth properties of potato juice.
Potato is rich in Vitamin A, B, and C. These are essential for healthy hair. This can be used even if you are suffering from alopecia i.e. thinning of hair.
How To Use:
Place potato in an extractor for juicing
Apply the potato juice on the scalp
Leave it on for 15 minutes
Wash off using mild shampoo
Potato is good for use as face packs too.

Henna Pack:
Henna is very well known as a natural conditioner. It is also good for hair growth.
It transforms dull and dry hair to smooth and shiny hair and adds colour too. It promotes hair growth by strengthening the roots of your hair.
How To Use:
Make a pack by mixing 1 cup of dry henna powder with ½ cup of yoghurt
Apply it all over your hair from root to tip.
Leave the pack until it dries off completely
Wash off with a mild shampoo


Benefits: Shea and cocoa hair butter can be used as a hair cream, conditioner and used on the skin. Shea butter’s concentration of natural vitamins and fatty acids in Shea butter makes it incredibly nourishing and moisturizing, contains oleic, stearic, palmitic and linolenic acids. Cocoa butter contains nutrients including protein, potassium, calcium, vitamins, magnesium and copper. It is a good hair moisturizer; it is very effective against dry, itchy scalp. Lavender, peppermint and rosemary oils stimulate the scalp, aids hair growth, strengthens and reduces hair loss. Great for treating itchy painful scalp, dandruff and receding hair line.

Shea Butter 200g
Cocoa Butter 100g
Avocado Oil 60ml
Hempseed Oil 60ml
Coconut Oil 60ml
Few drops of : Peppermint Essential Oil
Lavender Essential Oil
Rosemary Essential Oil
Vitamin E Oil

Pour butter in a bowl and whip using a hand mixer or whisk.
Add oils and continue whipping, whip till its soft and fluffy.
Pour in a air tight jar and use.


Pour butter in a bowl and insert bowl in hot water till it melts.
Add oil to the melted butter and leave to cool
Add Essential oils and whisk.

She Was Blessed.

We covered her in a garb of honor,
but honor ‘failed’ her.
So she picked the adornment of shame,
and dwell in the garden of ‘fame’.
What pleasure she found in the rain,
dwindled when the drought came.

We elevated her to a high place,
above the earth and humanly gaze,
but she said upon grass she must graze,
and so she fell upon her face.

We served her meal upon a golden tray,
she looked awhile with nothing to say.
No words, no thanks!
The grace was taken away.

I pray that you may,
live beyond the standard that you came,
rise above the earth,
before you breathe your last.


Don’t Judge Me!!!!!


I don’t care what you say about me! You are judgemental! Holier than thou! This statements are some of the things we all say, when we feel judged

Never let others’ judgment of you discourage you. Ignore what the people say about you, and keep doing what you believe in.” we sometimes hear.

When does caring what other people think about us becomes important, and unimportant? When should we listen to other people’s judgement of us?

How do we strike a balance?

We strike a balance by knowing that while we can’t listen and care about everyone’s opinion about us, we however have to listen when a specific opinion is held by many and that of a believer.

The famous hadith of the Prophet, sallallaahu’alayhi wa sallam, in which he taught that the believer is the mirror of the believer. If we can accept our reflections in the mirror as true, we also should accept and listen to the believers. This helps us learn and grow to become better Muslims.

Sometimes when going through social media, I see Muslims going hard on someone who left a comment advising the person who posted on their social media page and it just makes me cringe, and I think to myself the adviser was probably sincere in giving a heartfelt naseeha (advice). Sometimes we feel guilty because we know we are wrong and try to justify our actions by telling the adviser to not judge us, it’s part of a defence mechanism to make ourselves feel better, but at what point do we tell ourselves the truth and see the corrections for what it really is, except the person correcting us is doing so in a totally wrong manner and the advice is lost because it was relayed wrongly that is different. It’s important we do not always have our guards up and lose out on much beneficial advice from people who love us or total strangers who are believers and owe us sincere naseeha.

The Prophet (SAW) said, (three times), “The Religion is naseeha (sincerity and sincere advice).” We said, “To whom?” He said, “To Allaah, His Book, His Messenger, and to the leaders of the Muslims and the general people.”  [Saheeh Muslim No.55] This hadith tells us to give good admonition, not act deceitfully, to hide faults, order people to good and forbid from evil with gentleness, sincerity and compassion, to encourage people to take on good character. The Muslim who is correcting us, owe it to us.


Jazakallahu Khayran for reading, kindly like, and follow us.

Self-Love and the Muslimah Part 2

Few years back, I read a tweet about how it takes real confidence to go anywhere without makeup, I totally believe I am a very confident lady, but I would hardly go out without makeup. So I decided to challenge myself to 3 months of no makeup, not even powder. Is my level of self-esteem all up in my head if I hardly go out without make-up, I began to wonder?
This might seem easy right? But I absolutely loved make-up (I wore makeup all the time. Light or medium makeup, I would hardly go out without having makeup on), I still love makeup, but I have come to learn it should be worn within the confines of the house after reading an article on the Islamic perspective of makeup Alhamdullilah .
As at that time when people ask if I was making up to look more attractive to men, I would reply saying absolutely not! I makeup because I like it and love how I could give myself different looks. This might seem really simple but our level of self-esteem, self-love, and confidence shows from how we dress, interact with people, see others, view ourselves etc.
At first it wasn’t easy, I had no problem going without makeup to work, market etc. but it was difficult attending social gatherings (the horror of attending a wedding with your friends all made up and you looking like a plain Jane) that was my thought process then, I was wrong, that’s not how a Muslimah should think, however that was part of my struggles. At the end of the third month, my confidence grew, I was literally over makeup, it was like purging it out of my system and I learnt to accept myself natural and all.
Level of self-love also manifest itself in how much we need other people’s validation. I.e. My friends will laugh at me, or call me a very serious person, if I start to use the hijab. What will people say! Some think it’s ugly etc. If you love yourself, you wouldn’t bother so much about getting other peoples validation, giving into peer pressure, committing sins just to feel accepted and loved, feeling intimidated, worthless, ugly, because you know it doesn’t matter, and would learn to stay off knowing fully well what matters the most is pleasing Allah (SWT).
Having confidence to say no and enough when being abused or bullied.
Lack of self-love could lead to low self-esteem and totally drive the Muslim over the edge and into the fire of hell.

Self-love is different from narcissism
Narcissism is the pursuit of gratification from vanity or egotistic admiration of one’s own attributes.
Narcissistic individuals generally believe that the world revolves around them. This condition is characterized by a lack of ability to empathize with others and a desire to keep the focus on themselves at all times. Involves arrogant behavior, a lack of empathy for other people, and a need for admiration-all of which must be consistently evident at work and in relationships. People who are narcissistic are frequently described as cocky, self-centered, manipulative, demanding, and may be convinced that they deserve special treatment. Narcissism involves cockiness, manipulativeness, selfishness, power motives, and vanity.
Narcissists tend to have high self-esteem. However, narcissism is not the same thing as self-esteem; people who have high self-esteem are often humble, whereas narcissists rarely are. It was once thought that narcissists have high self-esteem on the surface, but deep down they are insecure. However, the latest evidence indicates that narcissists are actually secure or grandiose at both levels. Onlookers may infer that insecurity is there because narcissists tend to be defensive when their self-esteem is threatened (e.g., being ridiculed); narcissists can be aggressive.
Love yourself but be conscious of being a narcissist, remember virtue is selfless.
Have confidence but be weary of arrogance

Self Love and The Muslimah 1

Salam Alaikum
I hear and read stories about women who stay in abusive relationships i.e. marriages, friendship. It sometimes makes me wonder if we truly love ourselves. Why do we accept abuse if we love our-self? Having little or no self-love isn’t uncommon among Muslim women, we might not necessarily talk about it, but this affects us.

Allah says: “And We have certainly honored the children of Adam and carried them on the land and sea and provided for them of the good things and preferred them over much of what We have created, with [definite] preference.” [Qur’an: Chapter 17, Verse 70]

Self-love refers to the act of valuing one’s own happiness and well-being. Self-love is a kind of acceptance that can be described as an unconditional sense of support, caring and a core of compassion for the self. It might also be considered a willingness to meet personal needs, allow non-judgmental thinking, and view the self as essentially worthy, good, valuable, and deserving of happiness.
Some individuals may believe that they are unworthy of love due to a lack of success in their chosen professional field, or certain personal characteristics that they perceive to be negative or flawed. Trouble with relationships (marital, friendship, family) may also lead some to feel as if they may never experience close friendship or love, which can lead to spiraling negative thoughts that have negative effect on the ability to love the self

Why Is Self-Love Important?
Self-love is an important component of self-esteem and overall well-being. It is generally difficult, to feel content without first being able to love and accept the self. Researchers have discovered that the practice of self-love is associated with a multitude of benefits, such as greater life satisfaction, increased happiness, and greater resilience.
People with high levels of self-compassion have been shown to often be able to overcome difficult life events, such as divorce, with more ease than those who are harder on themselves. The ability to affirm oneself has also been associated with improved problem-solving abilities and decreased procrastination
The risk of developing mental health issues such as depression, anxiety can also be decreased through the practice of self-love. This practice can also increase one’s optimism and may be helpful for stress reduction, especially in the face of various life challenges.

Self-love can also lead to improved relationships. And research has shown that practicing self-love and self-compassion is likely to improve well-being in the context of interpersonal relationships. People who have self-compassion and practice self-love generally report feeling happier and more authentic in their relationships, and thus, they may be better able to assert their needs and opinions. Further, those who practice kindness and compassion on a personal level first may be better able to show kindness and compassion to others and are generally more likely to do so, as the ability to care for and love one’s self generally indicates that one will experience a greater capacity to love and care for others.
Self-love is a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological and spiritual growth. Self-love is dynamic; it grows by actions that mature us. When we act in ways that expand self-love in us, we begin to accept much better our weaknesses as well as our strengths, have less need to explain away our short-comings, have compassion for ourselves as human beings struggling to find personal meaning, are more centered in our life purpose and values, and expect living fulfilment through our own efforts.

Self-love is not narcissism
Self-confidence is not arrogance
Self-esteem is not pride

As mothers, we are responsible for instilling confidence, self-esteem and self-love in our kids, when we abuse them (emotionally or physically) we are stripping of the fiber of their being and this could lead either to an inferiority or superiority complex or other emotional problems, If you do not love yourself, how then do you instil this concept into your kids?


Productive Apps -Apps That Keep Me Going!

I am not a typical phone application (App) crazy person, but I’ve come to love some of them that keep my life simple and productive. I always look out for ways to ease everyday stress and be more productive with my time.
Following a hadith which says: “Not a single dawn breaks out without two (2) angels calling out. “O! Son of Adam, I am a new day and witness your actions, so make the best out of me because I will never come back till the day of judgement”.
Each and every one of us needs to guard our time jealously to attain success.
Here are some of the Apps I use daily on my mobile phone and hope you find them useful.
• Pocket
This app allows you to save pictures, articles, videos and much more. See what you like, just click to save and view later, it’s as simple as that! It also has recommendation section based on your selection of topics most pleasing to you. I am using mine on an android phone and equally have it on my laptop which syncs to harmonise all content. You can download free from Play Store.

• Amazon Audible
The app is one of my favourites! Since I’m a bookworm, I love to get through a lot of reading within a short time. But where’s the time to read all paperback? Hence, the reason I decided to subscribe for Audible so that I could get to listen to my books on the go. Brilliant, isn’t it? You need to subscribe for a monthly fee whereby one is given one credit to get any book from the Audible store after the end of each month. Do give it a try. There is a 30-day free trial- what more could you want?

• Andro Money
Andro Money is one of the best personal finance management and expense tracker on android. There’s a free one on play store, but I’m using the Pro one. It’s been just incredible. Just give it a go and I’m sure you’ll not regret it.

• 24Me
How do I stress the awesomeness of this app? I love it. It’s a personal assistant in your phone tracking all your to-do that could be tagged under personal, household, work and many more additions to suit your need. You can also track your events. A complete P.A. at your beck and call! It can be downloaded free from play store on an Android phone.

That’s it for now. I’m planning to do a second part soonest, in sha Allah. Do have a lovely day.

Author- Raheemah Odusote

Beetroot Strawberry Smoothie


Salam alaikum.
I am not sure what I like the most about this smoothie, the taste or colour!!
It looks and taste yummy.

Nutritional Value:
It contains potassium, magnesium, iron, vitamins A, B6 and C, carbohydrates, protein, antioxidants and soluble fiber .


1. 1 medium size beetroot
2. 6 Strawberries
3. 2 Bananas
2. 1/2 cup of homemade almond milk

Cut the beetroot into chunks and pour in a smoothie blender, add strawberries, banana and milk.
Blend together